Matches of the OECJ / OJEM 2010

These are the schedule, results, and videos from the European Championship for Juniors in Underwater Rugby 2010. Enjoy!
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1NorwayFinland5:0 (1:0)3:0Watch the game
2GermanyCzech Republic8:0 (5:0)3:0Watch the game
3SwedenDenmark5:0 (1:0)3:0Watch the game
Demo2 GermanU15 teams::
4RussiaColombia0:0 (0:0)1:1Watch the game
5NorwayCzech Republic4:0 (3:0)3:0Watch the game
6GermanyFinland8:0 (6:0)3:0Watch the game
Demo2 GermanU18 teams::
7SwedenColombia1:5 (0:1)0:3Watch the game
8RussiaDenmark9:1 (4:0)3:0Watch the game
9FinlandCzech Republic1:1 (1:0)1:1Watch the game
10GermanyNorway8:0 (7:0)3:0Watch the game
11DenmarkColombia0:13 (0:6)0:3Watch the game
12RussiaSweden6:1 (4:0)3:0Watch the game
13SwedenFinland2:0 (1:0)Watch the game
14DenmarkCzech Republic2:3 (0:0)Watch the game
15ColombiaNorway4:0 (2:0)Watch the game
16RussiaGermany0:2 (0:2)Watch the game
17FinlandDenmark1:4 (0:1)7th placeWatch the game
18SwedenCzech Republic7:0 (4:0)5th placeWatch the game
19NorwayRussia2:5 (1:2)3rd placeWatch the game
20ColombiaGermany0:1 (0:0)FinalWatch the game